FLIR CM74 Αμπεροτσιμπίδα 600A AC/DC

Νέο -32% FLIR CM74 Αμπεροτσιμπίδα 600A AC/DC

Αμπεροτσιμπίδα 600A AC/DC με φακό και λειτουργίες πολύμετρου.

The FLIR CM74 600A AC/DC Clamp Meter give you better access to wiring in hard-to-reach places,
and provides all the measurement capabilities you need for advanced troubleshooting. Made with a
narrow jaw and high-powered LED worklights, the FLIR CM74 makes it easier to take measurements in
dark, crowded panels and cabinets. Its slim, light design is convenient to carry in your pocket wherever
you go. With advanced electrical features including auto-ranging, true RMS voltage and current, LoZ,
inrush, VFD Mmode, and an input for a flexible current probe accessory, the FLIR CM74 has all the
measurement functions you need to stay competitive and ensure accurate readings.
Better clamp access and portability:
• Take measurements in hard-to-reach places, and carry the clamp wherever you go.
• Made with a narrow jaw for easy access to wiring in crowded panels and cabinets.
• Slim clamp design makes it convenient to carry in your pocket.
• Dual bright high-powered LED worklights guide you to your target in poor lighting conditions.
All the electrical features you need:
• Tackle modern challenges, get accurate readings.
• Advanced electrical features including true RMS, LoZ, and smart diode with disable.
• Expandable to 3000 A AC with the FLIR TA72 andTA74 Flex Clamp Accessories (sold separately).
• Minimum/maximum, hold, and auto power off with disable.
Engineering you can have confidence in:
• Built rugged, and includes accessories to make troubleshooting easier.
• Premium gold-tipped silicone test lead accessories included.
• Large-digit LCD display with a bright backlight.
• Rubberized double molded hand grips to reduce slippage.

Τεχνικό φυλλάδιο FLIR CM74

ΤύποςTrue RMS
Απαρίθμηση οθόνης6000
AC Voltage max (V)1000
DC Voltage max (V)1000
AC Current max (A)600
DC Current max (A)600
Λειτουργίες πολύμετρου
Αντίσταση ελάχιστο (Ω)0.1
Αντίσταση μέγιστο (kΩ)6000
Χωρητικότητα ελάχιστο (nF)1000
Χωρητικότητα μέγιστο (μF)1000
Συχνότητα ελάχιστο (Hz)1
Συχνότητα μέγιστο (kHz)60
Επιπλέον χαρακτηριστικά
Επιπλέον ΧαρακτηριστικάΑδιάβροχο / Σκληρής Χρήσης,Φακός

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